FAQs – General

Q. What is the process of Agent Enrollment in Zapurse ?

A. Agent can got to www.zapurse.com website and select JOIN US, there is a very simple enrollment form. Agent needs to fill enrollment form and within 48 hours , he will get his user id and passowrd. Agent can also enroll through Zapurse Mobile APP available in Play store.

Q. How do I secure my Zapurse Wallet account?

A. Zapurse wallet is the sole proprietary of the customer. To keep the wallet secure, the customer must adhere to the following points:

  1. Do not share OTP with anyone except authorized merchants.
  2. Do not share OTP over the phone call.
  3. If you receive an OTP for a transaction that was not initiated by you, then immediately report to the customer care at 6262629831/32/33/34.
  4. Verify the beneficiary details before sending money.
  5. Keep your personal information and passwords confidential.

Q. Is it secure to use Zapurse Wallet?

A. Zapurse Wallet is secured using the highest level of encryption. Each time you transact through Zapurse Wallet, SMS is sent for all credit and debit transactions, beneficiary additions and all other services. You can report any misuse of your wallet by mailing to support@zapusre.com or directly calling the Zapurse customer care.

Q. What if my mobile phone gets lost/stolen?

A. For security reasons, if your phone is lost/stolen, inform us immediately by mailing us at support@zapusre.com or calling Zapurse Customer Care number, following which we will block your wallet for further safeguard. DO NOT STORE YOUR ZAPURSE WALLET PASSWORD ANYWHERE ON YOUR PHONE.

Q. How do I add money to my Zapurse Wallet?

A. You can add the amount to the wallet by depositing cash at company bank account via counter or AMT machine. Other options to add money to the wallet are through IMPS, NEFT, UPI, and Debit card. Company bank details are available on portal under wallet refill & also available on Mobile App under Account recharge option.

Q. Is there any validity of the account?

A. If you do not use your wallet balance for 12 months, it will be forfeited. In the event wallet is inactive or not used by the customer for a continuous period of 1 year from the date of activation or last transaction, the wallet will be blocked in compliance with RBI guidelines. Zapurse will intimate the customer through SMS and calling 45 days before deactivating or suspension of the wallet. Customers can either re-activate the wallet or reclaim the amount of respective wallet in their bank accounts.

Q. How agent can reset their passowrd ?

A. By simply clicking on Forgot password on login page and enter registered mobile no,then agent will receive password on registered mail or mobile no.

FAQs – Domestic Money Transfer

Q. What are the all details required to register the Beneficiary in DMT?

A. One needs to have the beneficiary’s name, valid bank account number and the IFSC code of the account.

Q. What is an IFSC code and is it mandatory?

A. YES, IFSC Code is mandatory. IFSC is short for Indian Financial System Code and represents the Bank. This 11-character code helps identify the individual bank branches that participate in the various online money transfer options like NEFT and RTGS.

Q. What happens in case customer provided wrong beneficiary details while sending money?

A. The funds will be remitted to the account details provided by the customer and the bank will not be liable for any wrong credit to the beneficiary as the bank relies completely on the details shared by the customer.

Q. How long does it take for the money to get credited into the beneficiary account?

A. Mostly money gets credited into the beneficiary account instantly.

Q. What happens if the transaction is not credited to the beneficiary?

A. We wish to inform you that if your wallet is debited and the beneficiary account is not credited for the referred IMPS transaction, the funds for a failed transaction will be credited back to your wallet within 3 working days. In case same is not received after the time period please contact our call center or write back to us with the following details. Beneficiary account number.

  1. Beneficiary Bank Name
  2. Beneficiary account number
  3. Date and amount of the transaction
  4. Transaction Reference Number

Q. Will the DMT can be initiated for deleted beneficiary?

A. NO, on deleting the beneficiary, customer will not be able to transfer funds to that beneficiary unless added again.

Q. What are the prerequisites for initiating a DMT transaction?

A. The remitter should provide self-details and also must have a mobile no. Account Details of the Beneficiary.

Q. Is Mobile number mandatory to initiate a DMT transaction?

A. YES, Mobile number is the mandatory to initiate a DMT request.

Q. Is the customer needs to submit any physical identity proof for conducting DMT?

A. NO, the customer does not have to submit any physical identity proof for processing the request.

Q. Will customer receive any notification from Bank regarding DMT remitter profile registration?

A. YES, SMS notification will be sent to customer for DMT registration along with DMT customer ID (if successful).

Q. Is there any limit for remitter to add number of beneficiaries?

A. YES, you can add up to 30 beneficiaries with one mobile number.

Q. How to take refund for failed transactions?

A. In case of an immediate failed transaction, your money will be returned in your Zapurse wallet immediately. In case of deemed fail, customer will get an OTP, which you have to submit for refund. Post acceptance of OTP, the amount will return your Zapurse wallet immediately.

Q. What are the charges for doing DMT transactions?

A. Zapurse charges for Domestic Money Transfer is up to 1%. Please check your DMT slab for more details (Report>My Commission).

FAQs – Recharge/Bill Payment

Q. What should I do if I did not get the right benefits?

A. The benefits that you receive after doing a recharge on is defined by the mobile operator and we have no control over it. Different recharge values give different amounts of benefits. Sometimes, the recharge value that you enter could be a special recharge that might give you free SMS, free data usage or reduced call rate without giving you any talk time. It is recommended that for all such cases, you check directly with your mobile operators.

Q. Why was the recharge amount not accepted on the app or website?

A. Operators decide the recharge denominations circle-wise and they keep changing it from time to time. Please view and select the plans available on the operator website/app and process the recharges in order to receive the right benefits.

Q. At the time of recharge, I’m unable to proceed further and I’m getting an error as the operator is down. What does this mean?

A. There are times when your operator may not be able to provide recharge services to any user. In such cases, we wait for the operator to fix the technical issue at their end and hence request you to try to attempt the recharge transaction after few hours.

Q. What do you mean by special recharges?

A. Special recharges are valid only for prepaid mobile phones. With these offers, you receive special prices on 2G, 3G, 4G, SMS and talk time packs.

Q. Can we pay post-paid data card numbers or landline and utility bill payments?

A. Yes. We’re updating our list of billers continuously and rolling them out on all our platforms. Please check out the apps / website to confirm if your biller is present.

Q. When will I get a refund of a failed transaction?

A. In case of failed transaction, your money will be returned in your Zapurse wallet immediately.

Q. Will I be able to check the status of my Recharge?

A. Yes, you can check the Status of your recharge and Bill Payment under report section in the Dashboard options.

Q. Will I receive any receipt for the Recharge and Bill Payment?

A. You can only receive receipt for bill payment transaction, you will not receive any receipt for the recharge.

Q. What will happen if I enter an incorrect mobile number or DTH subscriber number?

A. If the incorrect mobile number/DTH number is live & working then it will get recharged for the requested amount/pack.

Q. Status shows that recharge/bill payment is successful but bill payment/recharge not received?

A. All recharge requests are processed immediately on Zapurse. Still, in a case when you do not receive a confirmation of recharge from your Operator then you can always reach out to us.

FAQs – AEPS and M-ATM (m-POS)

Q. What are the services available under AePS?

A. Below are the services available under Aeps:

  1. Cash Withdrawal
  2. Balance Enquiry
  3. Mini Statement

Q. What is important for AEPS to work?

A. The customer looking to avail AEPS should mandatorily:

  1. Have a Bank Account with a Bank participating in AEPS.
  2. His / Her Aadhaar should be linked to his/her Bank account.
  3. Transaction is completed using his/her biometric authentication only.

Q. What is RRN No.?

A. RRN number is a 12-digit number generated to record the transaction and to identify a transaction uniquely.

Q. What happens if a customer enters an incorrect Aadhaar Number or chooses a Bank where he doesn’t have an account?

A. If the customer enters incorrect Aadhaar number/ selects an incorrect bank where he/ she does not have an Aadhaar linked bank account, the transaction will decline with an appropriate response message. Further, as a customer may link his/ her Aadhaar with multiple banks, customer should select the correct bank, from where he wishes to perform transaction. In case, customer has more than one account with the selected bank then only the primary account will be debited and customer cannot make a selection of bank account at the time of transaction.

Q. Does the customer specifically need to register with his Bank to be able to transact through AEPS?

A. Ideally No, but linking Aadhaar Number with Bank account is a pre-requisite. However, registration process shall be as per the procedures laid down by the Issuer bank providing the service. Please check from the bank where you hold the Aadhaar linked bank account.

Q. Customer has multiple accounts linked to his/her Aadhaar number in his/her bank. How can he/she specify the account number from which the transaction needs to be done?

A. If customer has multiple account within the same Bank linked to Aadhaar, AEPS services will work with only the primary account associated with the Aadhaar. Customer need to get in touch with his/her bank to specify/change the primary account linking.

Q. Does the customer need to carry Aadhaar Card for transacting?

A. Carrying Aadhaar card is not mandatory but linkage of Aadhaar Number with Bank account is a prerequisite for transaction to be processed successfully.

Q. How will the customer know that the transaction has been successfully processed/completed?

A. The status of the transaction will be available on the AePS history page. The customer will also receive an SMS from Zapurse as well as his/her Bank if registered for mobile alerts.

Q. Is there any limit on AEPS Cash Withdrawal?

A. The Issuing Bank maintains these limits based on customer profile and risk management practices. NPCI has set a maximum transaction amount of Rs. 10,000 on a single AEPS financial transaction.

Q. Is there any age criteria to avail AEPS services? Can a minor above10 years of age, avail such services? Can a minor below age of 10 years, avail such services?

A. Allowed for minors, but it depends on the issuer bank.

Q. Customer account has got debited and he/she has received confirmation from his/her Bank but transaction in MATM/CBS could not be completed?

A. It is likely that transaction has failed. The refund will go back to the customer A/C but it might take 7 days. If the amount is not credited back within 7 days, the customer will have to raise a Chargeback by going to his bank.

Q. Where do a customer register a complaint for failed transaction?

A. The customer can raise a dispute/compliant with the bank they hold the account. Bank will further raise it with the concerned bank via NPCI’s Dispute Management System.

FAQs – Indo-Nepal Transaction

Q. What minimum documents/ identifications are needed to be presented by remitter?

A. The remitter has to produce proof of identification document like Passport /PAN / Driving License/Telephone Bill/ certificate of identification issued by employer with details and photograph etc. This information will be captured in the system in compliance with KYC norms. The complete address and telephone/mobile number of the beneficiary in Nepal will also be required.

Q. Is there any restriction on the number of remittances?

A. Yes. Any remitter is allowed to remit maximum of 12 remittances in a year.

Q. Can I transfer money directly to someone’s account or Card?

A. Yes. You can transfer money to bank accounts in Nepal.

Q. How do I know the status of my transfer?

A. Every Sender receives automated SMS alerts regarding their transactions paid or collected. You can even call to our customer support for the same.

Q. I am tracking my transaction, and the status shows ‘Un-Paid. What does that mean?

A. A transaction can reflect as ‘Un-Paid’, ‘Paid’ or ‘Cancelled’. Un-Paid status usually means that the beneficiary has not yet collected the payout amount. When the beneficiary collects the payout amount, the status will reflect as ‘Paid. If the status is showing ‘Cancelled’, it could be because a customer has cancelled the transaction. It could also show ‘Cancelled’ if our compliance system finds either the sender or the receiver’s name in a black list, or if the system detects any discrepancies in the transaction. In such cases, the transaction is automatically ‘Blocked’

Q. Which document can I submit as an identity proof?

A. Any Government-authorized ID with a photo fixed in it is accepted as identity proof– the most common being PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, National ID, etc. However, the IDs accepted in Nepal are Citizenship ID, Government ID, Driving License and Passport.

Q. Why do I need to show an ID while receiving money? Isn’t the Control Number enough?

A. The ID is a document which authenticates the transaction and transaction claims. It serves as an additional confirmation of identity, apart from the Control No. It also ensures that the customer details are not misused by unrecognized personnel. Moreover, there are regulatory requirements in Nepal, which direct the Money Transfer Operators to follow certain procedures while transferring money.

Q. Are there any deductions when the money is paid out to the beneficiary?

A. No. Prabhu Money Transfer does not deduct any fee at the time of payouts to the beneficiary; what you send is exactly what beneficiary receive.

Q. What is ‘Anywhere Payout’?

A. With Anywhere Payout, beneficiaries can receive money from any convenient Prabhu Money Transfer agent location within Nepal. Senders do not have to specify an exact location while remitting money as the payout can happen from anywhere within Nepal. While collecting money receiver can walk in to any agent location within Nepal, provide the Control number with a valid photo id and receive the money sent to him/her.

For any query contact customer care @ 6262629831/32/33/34 between 9:00 am to 10:00 pm or write to us at support@zapurse.com.

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